Royal Guignolet

Royal Guignolet

1 people

The fullness of the cherry associated with the spices of Royal Combier, it is undoubtedly the winning combo for a successful aperitif!

You need to ...

3cl Guignolet d'Anjou
2cl Royal Combier
8cl Cranberry juice
2cl Lemon juice

For preparation, just ...

  1. Refresh your glass with ice cubes
  2. Add your ingredients into your shaker
  3. Shake
  4. Pour your mixture into your glass and it's ready!
  5. The bartender's tip: prepare in large quantities and set aside in the fridge like a punch! For 15 glasses: - 1 bottle of Guignolet d'Anjou - 50cl of Royal Combier - 1.5 liters of cranberry juice - 50cl of fresh lemon juice

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