Elixir Combier


A hygienic dessert liqueur devised by the revolutionary Doctor Raspail was the inspiration behind the recipe for Elixir Combier. Studying the recipe in Raspail’s famous medical almanack, the talented Jean-Baptiste Combier set out to improve the original formula, making it his own. After tasting the result, Doctor Raspail wrote to Combier, praising his version, which he pronounced to be both delicious and highly beneficial.

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Elixir Combier

A complex liqueur combining more than fifteen different ingredients Elixir Combier was produced by the distillery from 1852 until 1980. It was relaunched in 2011 sporting the original label. Beyond its seductive golden yellow hue, Elixir Combier bewitches the taste buds with its complex spiciness enhanced by saffron and revealing notes of myrrh, cardamom and clove with an extraordinary length of mouth and persistent aroma.
degree : 38%
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